Fluna Gun Grease

Gun grease with special properties

With Fluna Gun Grease you can treat certain places on the gun, for which a liquid lubricant is not so suitable. Think of barrel hooks of tilting barrel guns and muzzle threads.

The lubrication of barrel hooks (underlugs) of break-barrel guns is particularly important, because the pressure exerted on the material is particularly high. Due to the slow movement and the high pressure, a gun grease is more suitable than a liquid lubricant. It does not matter whether it is a rifle or a shotgun.
Muzzle threads and threads of silencers should also be treated with a gun grease, because due to the high temperatures the danger of “seizing” exists. At these points, the gun grease should only be applied very thinly. Alternatively, you can also treat the threads with the extremely temperature-resistant Fluna Gun Coating.

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Tutorial Fluna Gun Grease

Fluna Gun Grease should always be applied to the cleaned surface.
Greases and oils should be removed before application. To use Fluna Gun Degreaser for this purpose is best. Apply Fluna Gun Grease thinly according to the application purpose and make sure that all threads are thinly wetted. When applying to barrel hooks, close the gun and re-open it to remove the surplus material.

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Content: 15g
Art. No.: GCWF001015
Price: recomm. sales price € 13.90

Gun cleaning mit Fluna Tec

The continuous, careful cleaning and care of all gun parts guarantees the greatest pleasure and success in sports as well as in hunting. Professionals and ambitious amateurs worldwide rely on the Fluna Tec product family with perfectly matched products. Get to know Fluna Tec gun cleaning and gun care – available in specialized stores and specialized online stores.

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Frequently asked questions about Fluna Gun Grease


The gun grease forms a sliding separating layer for larger fits and prevents seizing of metal parts at high temperatures. Fluna Gun Grease lubricates and protects the metal parts from wear and corrosion.


Basically, a grease is used when metal parts move slowly but with high pressure.

For fast movements like gun slides it is more suitable to use Fluna Gun Coating.
On the threads of silencers, the grease forms a thin separating layer, so that seizure of the metal parts is not possible. At this place, Gun Grease is therefore much more resistant than conventional Gun Oil. Fluna Gun Coating would be a good alternative if the threads are very fine.


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