Fluna Tec & Research GmbH

Chemical innovations for a modern present and an environmentally friendly future

Fluna Tec & Research GmbH develops application-oriented solutions for a wide variety of requirements. Based on the innovative new Fluna Tec developments, contemporary products are created for a modern present and a sustainable future. In regards of environment and health we do not accepr compromises.

In addition to the wide range of products for different surfaces and materials, Fluna Tec & Research GmbH can meet individual requirements with tailor-made applications thanks to a worldwide network of strategic partners.

Our company philosophy

The right product for every need. As versatile as the requirements are, so extensive is our range of solutions. For the customers of Fluna Tec & Research GmbH, this means: Their expectations are met precisely, the products arrive on time, the costs are significantly reduced. We will convincing you!