Fluna Bore Pro

Liquid barrel cleaner for firearms

Fluna Bore Pro cleans and protects rifled and smoothbore barrels of rifles, revolvers and pistols in a single operation. Fluna Bore Pro is ammonia-free and harmless to the barrel steel, ensures a quick result and guarantees the value retention of your high-quality short and long guns.

The highest demands are placed on the material of barrels in sport and hunting: However, the barrel steel’s resistance to pressure, heat and dirt can only be maintained if the barrel is regularly cleaned and maintained. Fluna Bore Pro removes powder residues, but especially deposits of copper and tombac. In addition, the interior of the barrel is preserved and effectively protected against contact corrosion and the associated dreaded pitting corrosion.

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Before using Fluna Bore Pro

Important: Check material compatibility before using the liquid bore cleaner. Do not apply the cleaner to blued or otherwise treated metal surfaces, plastic or wood. Fluna Bore Pro is completely safe for the barrel steel itself.

Product details
Content: 50ml
Art.-No.: GCBP050150
Price: recomm. sales price € 9.90
Content: 100ml
Art.-No.: GCBP100120
Price: recomm. sales price € 12.90

Tutorial Fluna Bore Pro application

First clean the barrel thoroughly with Fluna Gun Degreaser. Then apply Fluna Bore Pro to the barrel using a soaked felt plug or a wetted metal brush. Tip: Use a cleaning rod guide! Once the barrel has been completely and evenly wetted with the liquid barrel cleaner, allow it to react for 15 minutes.

Now wet a metal brush made of copper or brass with Fluna Bore Pro again and push it into the barrel in the direction of firing. Important: Make sure that the brushes are of the correct caliber! Use about 10 back and forth movements to loosen the metal deposits.

Finally, wipe the barrel several times with clean felt plugs or patches to remove the deposits. The barrel will be preserved by the remaining residue of Fluna Bore Pro; neutralization is not necessary.

Alternatively, you can remove Fluna Bore Pro completely from the barrel with Fluna Gun Degreaser and then preserve it as usual with Fluna Gun Coating.

Gun cleaning with Fluna Tec

The continuous, careful cleaning and care of all gun parts guarantees the greatest pleasure and success in sports as well as in hunting. Professionals and ambitious amateurs worldwide rely on the Fluna Tec product family with perfectly matched products. Get to know Fluna Tec gun cleaning and gun care – available in specialized stores and specialized online stores.

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Frequently asked questions about Fluna Bore Pro


Quite apart from the fact that regular cleaning of the barrel maintains the precision of the firearm, a liquid cleaner offers several advantages. Fluna Bore Pro is extremely economical and can be used exactly on the desired metal surface. There is no need for neutralization because, in addition to cleaning, protection against corrosion is also provided. In addition, the removal of the excess barrel cleaner including metal deposits with felt plugs or patches is extremely simple.


In addition to the vial of Fluna Bore Pro, we recommend using a cleaning rod, several felt plugs or patches, and a metal brush that is accurate to the caliber. Tip: For the finish, Fluna Gun Coating – even on blued surfaces – is the best choice.


For optimum effect, combine Fluna Bore Pro with products from the Fluna Tec product family. The precisely matched products enable time-saving cleaning and provide effective protection against contamination and corrosion. Tip: Do not use barrel cleaners containing ammonia, which can damage your health and the barrel steel if used incorrectly.


You can obtain all Fluna Tec Gun Care, Optic Care and Textile and Leather Impregnation products from well-stocked local retailers as well as internet stores that focus on shooting sports and hunting.