Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol

Gun care product for your gun care

With the Fluna Tec Gun Care product in the practical aerosol can, you are making the best choice for the care of large gun parts. Applicable on all materials, fast drying and temperature resistant: This way you increase the shooting performance of your valuable hunting and sporting guns and protect them reliably against corrosion.

Is the effective care of your technically sophisticated weapons a particular concern of yours? Then you can now rely on state-of-the-art gun care with the Fluna Tec ceramic high-performance coating. The application is very easy, because with the spray bottle you distribute the Gun Care product over a large area and yet very sparingly. All gun parts – whether inside or outside – are smoothed and made resistant to dirt, weather and mechanical action.

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Gun care in the wink of an eye

In the future, one Gun Care product will suffice for all parts of your weapons, whether firearms or knives. Clean all parts thoroughly before first use, because the ceramic high-performance coating adheres best to clean and grease-free surfaces. It is also possible to switch from conventional gun oil to Fluna Tec Gun Coating at any time. With the spray head including fine spray lance, you can also easily reach the inside of the barrel.

Gun Coating for all surfaces

Simply spread your Gun Care product over the entire gun surface without hesitation. Whether steel, plastic, painted wood parts, gold and silver ornaments, color hardenings, cast iron or rubber – Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol adheres to any material, smooths out microscopic cracks and grooves, and is effective even on older guns from the first application. Even the surface of knives becomes smooth, insensitive to fresh and salt water, as well as stable at any temperature.

Smart Gun Caring for demanding

In contrast to conventional gun oil, Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol offers several decisive advantages. In addition to temperature resistance, effective corrosion protection and ease of use, the gun care product scores points by eliminating sticking and gumming, and the unpleasant pungent odor of gun oil is finally a thing of the past. All parts of your firearm, no matter what type, run cleanly and quietly with Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol, the tiresome oil shot is a thing of the past. Treat your valuable firearms to only the best care – so you have many years of pleasure in sports and hunting.

Product details
Content: 100ml
Art.-No.: GNO0100120
Price: recomm. sales price € 13.90
Content: 300ml
Art.-No.: GNO0300120
Price: recomm. sales price € 22.90

The best reasons for Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol

  • Long-lasting ceramic high-performance coating
  • Applicable on all materials
  • Large area, even distribution
  • No running and rapid curing
  • Smoothes and reliably protects against corrosion
  • No annoying sticking or resinification
  • Optically and haptically appealing gun appearance
  • Also suitable for older weapons and for switching from gun oil

Tutorial Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol

Gun care products from Fluna Tec

With a few products of the Fluna Tec family, you can achieve the best gun care that even professional teams rely on. The mode of action of the individual products, from cleaning to ceramic coating, is perfectly coordinated. In order to also prepare glass and clothing for wind and weather in the best possible way, Fluna Tec also offers the highest quality care products for optics and textiles. Tip: You can obtain the entire Fluna Tec range from your local specialist retailer or from online stores specializing in sports and hunting.

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Frequently asked questions about Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol


The contents of the spray bottle are applied as a fine film to the grease-free surface. Fine cracks and unevenness are evened out, resulting in a uniformly smooth surface. This enables rapid handling and the sliding properties of moving parts. Inside the barrel, scores are filled, allowing the gun to fire consistently. Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol protects guns from the effects of wind and weather, dirt and sand, fresh and salt water, and the resulting corrosion. The dry surface reliably prevents dust adhesion.


Fluna Gun Coating aerosol is suitable for large-area application due to its use by means of an aerosol can. Fluna Gun Coating liquid is supplied in the easy-to-handle dropper bottle so that even small and specially shaped parts of the gun can be treated with pinpoint accuracy. Whether drip or spray bottle: In both dosage forms you receive the innovative high-performance ceramic coating for your gun care.


Yes, the ceramic coating can be used on all cleaned, degreased surfaces. You can treat gun parts made of steel, plastic, painted wood, cast iron as well as rubber, but also ornaments made of precious metal and color hardenings without hesitation. The only exception is oiled wooden parts, for example of historical weapons. These should be treated with an appropriate, color-coordinated stock oil.


Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the different modes of action. You must choose one product – gun oil or ceramic coating. However, it is always possible to switch from using gun oil to the Fluna Tec product family. To do this, it is best to clean your gun with Fluna Gun Degreaser – cleaner and degreaser – and then apply Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol and liquid


We recommend coating stored weapons every two to three months. Guns that are used should be treated regularly after being carried. You should also renew the protective film after shooting and as part of basic gun cleaning.

Where can I buy or order Fluna Tec products?

Fluna Tec gun care, cleaning, accessories and practical sets are available in stationary specialized trade and in selected online stores.