Fluna Tec versus Waffenöl

Gun cleaning and care in focus

The demands placed on weapons used in sports, hunting and professional teams are high. Modern firearms and hunting weapons are technically demanding and require careful cleaning and care. Basically, shooters pursue the same goals with the application of gun oil and Fluna Tec Gun Care. But which product can convince more?

For more than a decade, Fluna Tec & Research GmbH, based in Wals near Salzburg, Austria, has stood for the development of gun care products with reliable properties for cleaning, care and protection at any temperature in any area of use in the world. Whether sub-zero temperatures or heat, dust or humidity, salt water or desired value retention during storage: with the Fluna Tec product family, professionals and amateurs are optimally equipped for every situation. A worldwide network of strategic partners places the important demands on the development of Fluna Tec, to which we provide the right answers with our products.

Gun oil and Fluna Tec on the test bench

Up to now, it was not possible to combine the most important cleaning and care requirements in a single gun oil product, and this hardly seems possible in the future either. Fluna Tec has chosen a fundamentally different approach. Not one product, but a few perfectly matched products ensure that all the required properties in the field of gun care are covered. The formulation is also very simple. Instead of combining individual components – a wide variety of oils, petroleum jelly, ammonia solution, acetone and kerosene – the combination of which sometimes seems alchemical, Fluna Tec relies on consistent, tried-and-tested formulations that are offered in handy pump and spray bottles or a can.

6 important comparison points at a glance

1 / Lubrication to prevent wear
Wherever moving parts do not run perfectly, there is a risk of increased wear, misfires and inaccuracies in operation. Gun oil, applied to moving parts, disappears because of different conditions (heat, pressure etc.). And it also runs off when hunting rifles are stored upright. Fluna Tec cleaning products and the high-performance ceramic coating, on the other hand, can be applied with pinpoint accuracy due to their delivery form in spray or dropper bottles. The coating does not run off, dries quickly and bonds with the surface. Cartridges no longer stick, the trigger receives a defined pressure point, and the group of shot becomes constant.

2 / Corrosion protection in weather and temperature differences
When weapons are used in different climates and in all kinds of weather, various elements affect the materials, which can corrode. Salt and fresh water, sand and dust, heat and cold negatively affect corrosion resistance. Some gun oils have the unpleasant property of sticking together at high temperatures and gumming up during prolonged storage. Sand and dust can accumulate in microscopic cracks and grooves and are difficult to remove. The Fluna Tec high-performance ceramic coating lays down as a thin film on your gun, protects all the materials used and reliably prevents corrosion caused by the effects of weather and temperature.

3 / Gun cleaning and barrel cleaning
Especially after cleaning the barrel with gun oil, it has a tendency to run down when stored upright. One for all is also a compromise when cleaning guns, barrels and silencers, but never a perfect solution. Fluna Tec differentiates between the parts to be cleaned and offers its own products for rifled and smooth barrels and the removal of oils, greases, powder smoke as well as combustion residues. In addition, manual maintenance is just as possible as cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.

4 / Oxidation and resinification – absolutely undesirable
Thickening or chemical alteration of gun oil is an unpleasant effect that not only makes cleaning the gun costly, but also significantly reduces its usability. Fluna Gun Coating categorically excludes undesirable oxidation and gumming due to the product properties. The gun is not affected when the coating properties deteriorate due to use and the coating can be renewed easily and quickly.

5 / Applicability to different materials
This point also shows the weakness of universally applied gun oil. Depending on the material to be treated, only certain oils – usually with additives – come into question. In contrast, the Fluna Tec high-performance ceramic coating can actually be applied to all materials, whether steel, plastic, painted wood, cast iron and rubber, as well as to burnished and decorated precious metals.

6 / Sustainability and compatibility for humans and the environment
Weapon oil is often provided with additives in order to achieve desired properties. Silicone and PTFE can also be found on many ingredient list. Fluna Tec Gun Care is manufactured without any of these environmentally harmful additives, so no special precautions are required when handling Fluna Gun Care.

Fluna Tec Gun Care convinces in all points

Professionals have known for a long time that Fluna Tec cleaning and care products are far superior to conventional gun oil. Tip: Switching from gun oil to Flua Tec Gun Care is very easy. With the Fluna Gun Care Sets 1, 2 and 3, you receive the perfectly coordinated products for the start of your new gun care world.