Fluna Optic care set No. 3

The optic care set

For all those who want to clean and care them hunting and sports optics optimally. With this set you purchase all the products you need for professional cleaning of the optics, including anti-fog for all lenses.

The set contains the following individual products

  • Fluna TFT-/Optics Cleaner 100ml (RETFT00701)
  • Fluna Isopropanol 50ml (RIS0050120)
  • Fluna Anti Fitting 50ml (ABG0050120)
  • Microfiber Cloth 40/40cm
  • Glass Polished Cloth 20/20 individually packed

On the backside of the inlet you will find a detailed product description. The product description of the individual products of the set can be found in the respective article.

More Fluna Tec products

Fluna Bore Pro

  • Cleans Rifle- Shotgun- Pistol- and Revolver Barrels
  • Automatic conservation after cleaning
  • Very effective
  • Very good material compatibility

Fluna Gun Degreaser

  • Cleans residue free and degreases in 1step
  • Easy to use, not harmful to rubber and plastic

Fluna Gun Cleaner

  • Easy to use Bore Cleaner
  • Very effective in cleaning
  • Fast result
  • Not harmfull to barrel-steel

Fluna Gun Black

  • Easy to use Blueing liquid
  • Effective blueing result
  • Fast result

Fluna textile impregnation

  • 100% breathable
  • Easy to clean effect
  • Protects textiles and leather against Water and dirt
  • Colour neutral