Fluna Isopropanol

Additive product to fluna anti fog

Fluna Isopropanol is a complementary product to Fluna Anti Fog. It is used to prepare / degrease the glass surfaces when the product Fluna Anti fog is to be applied. Fluna Isopropanol is pure alcohol and does not attack special coatings of optics. It can be easily applied.


  • Suitable for all types of glass
  • Especially optics for hunting
  • Quick effect

Instructions for use

Clean the glass surface with Fluna TFT-/Optik cleaning foam, see therefore separate instruction for use. Fluna Isopropanol is then sprayed thinly and evenly on the glass surface and polished with a glass polishing cloth. Finally, Fluna Anti fog can be applied, see therefore separate instructions for use.

Product details
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RRP € 9.90
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Instructions for use

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