Fluna Gun Degreaser

Special degreaser & cleaner

Fluna GunDegreaser is a special cleaner and degreaser for the removal of oils, fats, waxes, but also powder reidues and other combustion residues.  Fluna GunDegreaser can be used manually or in an ultrasonic bath.


  • Cleans residue-free and degreasing at the same time
  • Easy application, does not attack rubber and plastics



Drop Fluna GunDegreaser onto the appropriate place and spread with a dry cloth and wipe.

Existing oils and fats are removed immediately and without residue. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

Cleaning of barrels

Before Fluna GunCleaner or Fluna Bore Pro (barrel cleaning products) can be applied, the barrel should already be cleaned of powder residues and moist. To do this, use Fluna GunDegreaser. Put this on a clean felt plug and push it from the chamber through the dirty barrel. After using Fluna GunCleaner or Fluna Bore Pro (barrel cleaning products) and abrasion of the metal fouling with a bronze or brass brush, the barrel should be cleaned with Fluna GunDegreaser so long, until no dirt can be seen on the felt plug. The barrel is then degreased at the same time and can be coated again with Fluna GunCoating.

Cleaning of rifle and pistol parts

Drop Fluna GunDegreaser onto the dirty surface and let it act briefly. Then, if necessary, dissolve the dirt with a brush and wipe with a cloth. After cleaning, the surface is also degreased at the same time and prepared for application of Fluna GunCoating. Fluna GunDegreaser does not attack any material i.E. rubber etc. Fluna Gun Degreaser also cleans excellent black powder residues.

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