Fluna Gun Cleaner

High performance barrel cleaning paste

Fluna GunCleaner is a high-performance barrel cleaning paste for all firearms. Fluna GunCleaner cleans powder residues, lead, copper and tombak from barrels of any kind. 

Areas of application

For fast, mechanical cleaning of barrels from rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers. Do not apply to burnished steel or otherwise treated metal surfaces, to plastic or wood.


  • Easy handling
  • Cleans very effectively
  • Fast result
  • Harmless for the barrel steel


Soak clean felt plug in Fluna GunDegreaser or conventional degreaser and pull through the barrel with it to remove the rough dirt. This can also be done “dry” with a Bore-Snake. Then turn a plastic brush into Fluna GunCleaner and insert Fluna Gun Cleaner several times evenly into the barrel. Instead of the plastic brush, felt plugs or patches can also be used. Keep the paste for about ten minutes rection time, but do not let it dry! Then remove the metal fouling with a brass or copper brush from the direction of chamber with several movements mechanically. Use cleaning rod guide! After cleaning, remove the mixture of paste and metal fouling with Fluna GunDegreaser from the barrel. Wipe the barrel until the felt plugs come out of the barrel white.

Finally, treat the barrel with Fluna Gun Coating. Keep the can cool and dry !

Product details
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RRP € 21.90
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