Fluna Bore Pro

Liquid bore cleaner

Fluna BORE PRO is a liquid high-performance cleaner for all firearms. Fluna BORE PRO cleans powder residues, but especially copper and tombak deposits from barrels of any kind. Fluna BORE PRO conserves the barrel at the same time and effectively protects against corrosion.


  • Cleans and Protects
  • Very effective
  • Immediate result
  • Does not harm barrel steel


Clean the barrel with Fluna Gun Degreaser from rough residues as gunpowder etc. Insert Fluna BORE PRO into the barrel, i.e. with soaked felt plugs or by wetted metal brush. Use a cleaning stick guide. Make sure that the barrel surface is fully and evenly wetted. After reaction time of approx. 15min re-wet a metal brush (copper or brass) with Fluna BORE PRO to push it into the barrel in the direction of shot. Pay attention to calibre-precise brushes ! Brush the metal deposits with approx. 10 forward and backward movements. Finally, wipe the barrel several times with clean felt plugs or patches and remove the deposits from the barrel. The barrel is conserved with the remaining amount of Fluna BORE PRO at the same time, neutralization is not necessary.

Alternatively, you can wipe out Fluna BORE PRO with Fluna Gun Degreaser completely from the barrel and then preserve it as usual with Fluna Gun Coating.

Field of application

For the fast chemical cleaning of rifled and smooth barrels from rifles, pistols and revolvers. Do not apply to blued or otherwise treated metal surfaces, on plastic or wood.

Product details
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RRP € 12.90
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