Fluna Optik Pro

Optics care for many applications

Discover the Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner for binoculars, rifle scopes and spotting scopes as well as flat screens, plastics and rubberized surfaces. With Fluna Tec’s gentle foam cleaner without alcohol, you ensure maximum visibility, accurate aiming and optimal working conditions on screens.

Regular optics care is an indispensable prerequisite for accurate aiming and detailed recognition of observed objects. With the Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner you have every situation under control – whether in sports, hunting, in the office or at home. From now on, you only need one cleaner for all glass applications. The aerosol foam cleaner from Fluna Tec frees smooth surfaces from dirt, nicotine, insects, grease and fingerprints as well as the unsightly patina of hand sweat and dust without leaving any residue.

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Cleaning for high-quality optics

It couldn’t be easier: Blow dust and coarse dirt off your hunting optics, for example a riflescope, with compressed air. Then spray Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner against the glass from the front until the expanding foam completely fills the space between the glass and the end of the scope. Allow the optic cleaner to react briefly and clean the grooved reveal along the sun visor with a dry, clean cloth. In a second step, spray a thin layer of the foam cleaner onto the glass, clean and polish it with an equally clean and dry cloth. This way, your optical device is ready for use again within a few minutes.

Optical care for flat screens

Flat screens provide effective support for work, sports and hobbies. Whether indoor or outdoor, LCD monitors, laptop screens, televisions, personal digital assistants and navigation devices have become an important part of everyday life. With Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner, you get the best view of the important data on your screen in any situation. Here’s how it works: apply the foam cleaner evenly and thinly to the surface and let it soak in for a few seconds to loosen any dirt. Spread the optical care with a soft cloth and remove the dirt. Tip: Switch off your device during application! When cleaning plastics, a longer exposure time is recommended to achieve the best result.

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Content: 100ml
Art. No.: RETFT00701
Price: recomm. sales price € 13.90

Fluna Tec Optik Pro TFT cleaner for glass, mirrors and plastics.

Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner is the best choice for all types of glass, mirrors and plastics. Whether rear-view mirrors in vehicles, glass elements in components or simply the wardrobe mirror in the office: perfectly maintained surfaces fulfill their purpose without restrictions. Blind spots, details that are difficult to see, or limited perception in a crucial situation can be ruled out with the right optical care. With Fluna optic care, you can also perfectly clean computer monitors and keyboards.

Therfore optic care from Fluna Tec

  • Many areas of application
  • For the care of high-quality optics
  • For glass, plastic, rubberized surfaces
  • High cleaning power
  • Does not penetrate into housing
  • Cleans without leaving residues
  • Gentle without alcohol
  • Easy to handle

Tutorial Fluna Optik Pro

Fluna Tec optics cleaning set

The Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner is the essential component of the Fluna Optics Care Set. Together with Fluna Isopropanol and Fluna Anti Fog, Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner is the perfect combination for sports and hunting. Find out more about how the product combination works and start your next task with the best possible view. All products are available from well-stocked specialist retailers and selected online stores.

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Frequently asked questions about Fluna TFT optics cleaner


Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner is economical to use, suitable for optical glass as well as for all other glass objects, plastic and rubberized surfaces. The foam cleaner does not require alcohol, does not attack processed surfaces and is absolutely residue-free. In addition, the optical cleaner can be perfectly coordinated with other products for professional cleaning and care.


Choose a clean, dry and lint-free cloth to apply the optics care. A microfiber cloth is best suited. Tip: The Fluna Tec optics cleaning set already contains perfectly suitable cloths for cleaning and polishing.


No, definitely not. The foam cleaner fills the desired areas, but does not run away uncontrollably like liquid. When used as recommended in the instructions, penetration into housing walls or equipment can be ruled out.


The surface of flat screens is usually made of glass or plastic, so Fluna Optikpro TFT Cleaner is ideally suited for the care of screens. This applies to both indoor and outdoor applications – from PCs at the desk to game cameras and navigation devices used under the toughest conditions. Even protective films on screens can be cleaned without any problems with Fluna Tec Optikpro. Computer keyboards become hygienically clean; the foam does not liquefy and cannot cause any damage between the keys.