Fluna Impregnation Spray

For heavily used textiles and leather

With Fluna waterproofing spray, you can confidently forget about wet and dirty clothes. The textile and leather waterproofing spray reliably repels water and oil and protects against common dirt in the field during sports and hunting. Your clothes remain breathable and wearable for a long time.

Nothing is more unpleasant than rainwater getting to your body at the collar, seams or over the entire unimpregnated textile or leather surface, causing cold showers. Stubborn dirt such as oil stains, stuck dust or abrasion also cause trouble and increased cleaning effort. With Fluna waterproofing spray, you do not only protect your jackets and shoes from dirt and rapid wear, but also gun bags and gun cases made of fabric and suede thank you for regular waterproofing with a long service life.

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Immediate protection after impregnation.

Simply spray your cleaned and dried textiles, shoes and equipment with a thin layer of Fluna waterproofing spray. The light, almost invisible film lays itself protectively around each individual fiber and in the pores of the fabric surface. After a short drying time, the water-repellent and oil-repellent coating is activated. The rate of moisture penetration is also considerably reduced. So nothing stands in the way of sporty – and dry! – hours in the open air.

Product details
Content: 300ml
Art. No.: SBTI007003
Price: recomm. sales price € 13.90

Impregnate for effective soil repellency

Oil stains often leave shadows and edges even after washing jackets and pants, and the clothes look neglected. Dust and sand that cling to seams and eyelets also do not contribute to a good overall appearance. Make sure that oil, dust, nicotine, soil, mud and grass stains can’t stick to your high-quality clothing in the first place with Fluna waterproofing spray. Take advantage of the pleasant easy-to-clean effect of Fluna Impregnation Spray and save time, detergent and water as well as the annoying extra treatment of stubborn stains.

Cleaning impregnated textiles

When washing impregnated jackets, T-shirts and pants, it is best to avoid detergents containing surfactants. Surfactants gum up the seal of treated textiles and prevent breathability. Always rinse your textiles treated with Fluna impregnation spray once with clear water after each wash cycle – this will give you optimum results and the best wearing comfort. With surfactant-free hand or machine washing, the coating with Fluna Impregnating Spray lasts for five to ten wash cycles.

9 reasons for Fluna Impregnation Spray

  • Easy application by spraying
  • Economical in consumption
  • Suitable for textiles and leather
  • Immediately water and oil repellent
  • Delays soaking significantly
  • 100 % breathable and color-neutral
  • Provides lasting protection against water and dirt
  • Easy to clean effect for quick cleaning
  • Lasting protection for 5 to 10 washes

Fluna Tec for textile and gun care

Whether high-quality impregnation or effective protection and lasting care for your valuable weapons: Fluna Tec’s product range contains everything you need for your shooting sports or hunting. Take a look at cleaning agents, high-quality ceramic coating and practical gun care sets! Fluna Tec products are available in stationary specialized trade and in selected web stores.

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Frequently asked questions about Fluna impregnation spray


A delicate but effective film is applied around the fibers of your textiles as well as on the surface of suede leather. This colorless and breathable film has a hydrophobic (water-repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent) effect, which is effective immediately after a short drying time.


Treat all textiles, shoes as well as leather utensils that you want to protect from dirt, moisture and oil.


Coating with Fluna impregnation spray effectively protects against dirt and reduces the number of necessary washing cycles thanks to the Easy clean effect. Your textiles will be more durable, more robust and simply look better. Stubborn salt marks, permanent oil stains and rapid soaking are a thing of the past.


Yes, because the wearing comfort of clothing increases in bad and wet weather. You stay dry and warm and can fully concentrate on your tasks at the gun. In addition, the durability of suede and textiles is significantly increased, you save costs and time.


You can wash textiles treated with Fluna impregnation spray five to ten times before you need to repeat the impregnation process.