Fluna Anti Fog

For hunting optics and high quality specialty binoculars

Fluna Anti Fog solves one of the most annoying problems when using optics such as scopes, spotting scopes and binoculars: When moving from indoors to outdoors or from a vehicle to the open air, the optics fog up and prevent the necessary clear view. Not so with Fluna Anti Fog for hunting optics.

The application of Fluna Anti Fog creates a fine film on the glass. The solvent-based coating is easily and sparingly sprayed on with a pump bottle and does not attack your valuable optics. Fogging of glass surfaces due to temperature differences is prevented – and best of all: the anti-fogging effect for your hunting optics and special glasses lasts for several days to weeks, depending on use and application.

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Fluna Anti shoeing for hunting

Do you know the population in your hunting area, do you want to carefully document the state of health and perfectly prepare shootings? You are supported in all these tasks by high-quality hunting optics. Do not leave important decisions to chance, but make them based on exact observation. Fluna anti-fogging for hunting optics is an indispensable agent that guarantees optically perfect conditions for care and shooting.

The treatment of your hunting optics

Fluna Anti Fog develops its full effect on carefully cleaned and prepared glass surfaces. First free the optics from coarse dust with a brush or compressed air. Then clean the surface with Fluna TFT Optics Cleaner to obtain a streak-free clean glass. In the next step, degrease the optics with Fluna Isopropanol. Now spray a thin layer of Fluna Anti Fog on the dry surface and let the product work for a few minutes. Finally, polish the lens with a clean lens cleaning cloth. After a drying time of one hour, your hunting optics are fully ready for use.

Product details
Content: 50ml
Art. No.: ABG0050150
Price: recomm. sales price € 13.90

Anti fog coating for all lenses

Fluna Anti Beschlag ist nicht nur für Ihre Jagdoptik die richtige Wahl. Auch für Ferngläser und Spektive, die für die Natur- und Sternenbeobachtung verwendet werden, wird die Beschichtung empfohlen. Überall dort, wo wechselnde Temperaturen und Witterungseinflüsse zu einem Beschlagen von Glasoberflächen führen können, sorgt Fluna Anti Beschlag für ein uneingeschränktes Seherlebnis. Pflegen und schützen Sie wertvolle Optik in vielen Anwendungsbereichen ab sofort mit der Fluna Tec Produktfamilie!

Darum Fluna Anti Beschlag

  • For high-quality hunting optics such as rifle scopes
  • For binoculars and spotting scopes
  • Suitable for all types of glass
  • Effective in changing temperatures and weather conditions
  • Simple, economical application
  • Transparent, residue-free coating
  • Fast and long lasting effect

Your Fluna Tec complete optics care

Professional sportsmen, hunters and emergency forces in many countries of the world rely with conviction on the best optical care from Fluna Tec. You too can use the perfectly coordinated product range to preserve the value of your lenses. The Fluna Optics Care Set contains the essential three products and matching cloths – that’s all you’ll need in the future to be prepared for any outdoor use. Fluna Tec individual products and sets are available at local specialty retailers and selected online stores.

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Frequently asked questions about Fluna Anti Fog


In fact, you can apply the anti-fog coating to all types of glass. For hunting optics such as riflescopes, Fluna Anti Fog brings the maximum benefit, because glass surfaces fog up especially frequently during temperature changes and demanding weather conditions.


The coating is applied extremely sparingly with a pump spray bottle without any scattering loss. The shelf life of several days to weeks additionally enables extremely economical use, thus also minimal acquisition costs.


If the agent is applied to the carefully cleaned and degreased optics and the necessary drying time is observed, Fluna Anti Beschlag will provide crystal-clear vision for several days to weeks, depending on the stress. With a skin test you can easily check whether the coating should be renewed.


All Fluna Tec products for your gun and optics care are available in stationary specialized stores as well as in online stores specialized in hunting and shooting sports.